Thermo galvanic facial machine CryoJet IO

Thermo galvanic facial machine CryoJet IO  is the newest addition to the high performance range of Alvi Prague beauty products. This professional skin care machine is a beautiful and unique helper that will gain your heart with its one of a kind set of functions and its great work. After all, its use allows you to combine 5 effective techniques within one session – cryotherapy, thermostimulation, galvanic therapy, iontophoresis, desincrustation.


Cryotherapy means ‘cold therapy.’ It is a treatment in which your body or a body part (such as your face) is exposed to subzero temperatures for a few minutes. Cryomassage is used for intense stimulation of skin surface of the whole body and face to reactivate biological response, to accelerate skin metabolism, to improve skin health, and help to fight stress and fatigue.


Thermal stimulation of the skin stimulates the processes of local blood circulation, lymph flow, metabolism, oxygenation and trophism. Warming up of problem areas of the face and body neutralizes muscle tension, eliminates congestion in tissues, spasms and pain.

Galvanic therapy

Galvanic current demonstrates a complex effect on biological tissues of the face, body and their structures. The procedures carried out significantly improve tissue trophism and oxygenation, neutralize pain and spasms, and accelerate cellular metabolism and regeneration processes. The whole procedure of the galvanic skin treatment carried out by professionals is divided into the following two phases:


Galvaniс facial with the use of saponifying cosmetic products effectively cleanses the skin of the face and body from surface and deep impurities. Desincrustation accelerates the transdermal elimination of toxins and metabolites, eliminates excess sebum and related problems – comedones, acne.


Galvanic skin treatment, also known as galvanic therapy or galvanic facial or galvanic iontophoresis, is an exclusive cosmetic electrotherapy treatment for the skin.

To buy the thermo galvanic facial machine CryoJet IO  means to become the owner of 5 in 1 equipment, unique in its capabilities. The combination of the techniques implemented on its platform allows you to obtain the desired effect of treatment, rejuvenation or correction in the shortest possible period and with a guarantee of a long-term positive result.



What is thermo galvanic facial machine CryoJet IO?

It is a multifunctional platform with an intelligent control system. The CryoJet IO combines two types of equipment (heat-cold therapy and galvanization) for carrying out five types of procedures at once:

  • cryotherapy;
  • thermostimulation;
  • galvanic therapy;
  • iontophoresis;
  • desincrustation.

The thermo galvanic facial machine CryoJet IO  is specially designed for aesthetic practitioners in the field of cosmetology, dermatology, trichology, physiotherapy, as well as sports and regenerative medicine.

How the machine works?

The machine is equipped with two working tools for effective treatments:

contact handpiece for thermostimulation working in two alternative modes hot and cold;

contact handpiece for galvanic therapy with the possibility to conduct iontophoresis and desincrustation.

The machine is easily operated and controlled with a help of friendly user’s interface with pre-set programms and manual setting modes. All treatment parameters can be set individually for the best treatment results to your clients.

Indications to thermo iontophoresis

Signs of skin aging – fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, dull skin.

Skin edema, lymphostasis, signs of tissues hypooxygenation.

Dry skin, oily skin, skin inflammations, irritated skin, acne, comedones.

Fat deposits and cellulite.

Previous injuries, diseases, lesions of the skin and soft tissues.

Dermatological diseases – psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, urticaria.

Aesthetic defects – post-acne, scars, stretch marks.

Hair problems – dandruff, seborrhea, hair loss, alopecia.

Preparation of the skin for “aggressive” cosmetic procedures and recovery after their implementation.

Spasms, pains, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disturbances, poorly healing wounds, etc.

Benefits of thermo iontophoresis for skin

Every day our skin, tissues and their structures are negatively influenced by external and internal environmental factors. Under their influence, their protective functions decrease, regenerative and metabolic processes slow down. It is impossible to resist them with the help of cosmetic and topical remedies. Their active substances act only within the epidermis and are not able to turn back time, which means that the biological tissues of the face and body are inexorably aging and suffer from a number of problems – comedones, itching, dryness, allergic reactions, etc.

The thermo galvanic facial machine CryoJet IO demonstrates a fundamentally different approach to the problems of skin, tissues and their structures. Its application allows solving them holistically and at the cellular level. At the same time, a number of positive effects are observed:

  • Acceleration of metabolic processes and regeneration.
  • Improving oxygenation and tissue trophism.
  • Elimination of spasm and pain.
  • Localization of the inflammatory process.
  • Increase of local skin immunity.
  • Acceleration of the processes of intoxication, natural renewal, etc.

At the same time, thermo iontophoresis ismaximally physiological and non-invasive. It does not cause pain, complications and leave no traces. The thermo iontophoresis course provides a noticeable rejuvenation of the skin and tissues, the normalization of their functions and the correction of visible aesthetic defects.

Other benefits of the machine

The thermo galvanic facial machine CryoJet IO, manufactured by Alvi Prague (Czech Republic) has passed the mandatory certification procedure according to the quality and safety standards of the European Union. The equipment has a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion and is approved for rejuvenating, corrective, medical procedures (according to indications) in beauty salons and clinics.


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