Skin care machine Autobiography 10 in 1

Beauty giving beauty. Luxury multifunctional machine from Alvi Prague. Maximum functionality and unique ergonomics!

This state-of-the-art equipment combines nine of the most effective and sought-after technologies, a unique design that has become the company’s business card, and tremendous ease of use! Development engineers, in close cooperation with designers and leading estheticians of the company, have invested all their knowledge and vast experience in this masterpiece of beauty equipment!

Novelty we are proud to present, skin care machine Autobiography 10 in 1 with the broadest range of features



Skin care machine for beauty salons  Autobiography 10 in 1

  • Autobiography is not the first all-in-one model for professional skin and body care, but it does stand out with a number of unique features:
  • Beauty and convenience – the design is developed taking into account the latest trends. This novelty will become for you not only a convenient and effective assistant bringing a high income, but also a real decoration of your salon.
  • Made in a compact case, the device takes up minimum space.
  • Aesthetics and reliability – handpieces are made of high quality materials, and their unique cut resembles a precious piece of jewelry.
  • Warranty 18 months and service throughout the entire life cycle
  • Multilevel product quality control and its careful pre-sale testing.

Benefits of multifunctional system and treatment types

You can take your salon to the next level right now with the Autobiography multifunctional beauty machine! By expanding the range of services provided, you will satisfy regular customers and will definitely attract new customers. Your clients will be enjoying the most effective and relaxing facials.

What can a new generation Aesthetic System do? 3-in-1 and even 6-in-1 are no surprise, but Autobiography’s list of features is truly impressive.

Procedures that will restore skin health, launch regeneration processes, rejuvenate, eliminate aesthetic imperfections:

  • Microcurrent therapy – actively fights against age-related changes, slows down skin aging, increases tone due to light current pulses, restoring cell potential.
  • Needle-free mesotherapy is ideal for those who are against injections, but dream of beautiful, firm skin. This method of rejuvenation is based on the dosed introduction of ampoule preparations (elastin, meso cocktail, collagen) into the deep layers of the skin due to the forced opening of pores and intercellular channels with a weak low-frequency electrical impulse (electroporation). As a result, the skin looks rested and healthy.
  • Hot therapy and cryotherapy – can be a preparatory / final stage or an independent procedure. Thermotherapy opens pores to accelerate the penetration of bioactive elements, strengthens cells, tightens facial contours and prolongs youth. It is used to soothe irritated skin, relieve redness after aggressive procedures.
  • Ultrasonic scrubber is a painless, atraumatic method of cleansing the skin. Due to ultrasound vibrations, it mechanically exfoliates dead cells, excess sebum, comedones. To improve the quality of peeling and achieve a deep therapeutic effect, special serums or gels are used for the treatment.
  • Galvanic therapy – the principle of galvanic is based on the natural properties of direct current, in particular its ability to penetrate the skin, spread in body tissues and exert a complex effect on them, as a result of which the permeability of cell membranes changes, the activity of enzymes is activated and metabolic processes are accelerated.
  • Phototherapy. The benefits come from exposure of the light that is being absorbed by the skin. This light energy converts intro intracellular energy, increasing cell metabolism. Each lights promotes and stimulates different factors in the skin: collagen formation, elimination of overproduction of melanin, soothing inflammation, increase of skin elasticity and just having an important effect on repair and aging of the skin.
  • Non-invasive carboxytherapy for non-invasive saturation of tissues with carbon dioxide, a compact capsule with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid is used, it is placed on a vibrating handpiece of the device. When interacting with a procedural gel, which is previously applied to the surface of the skin, these substances trigger a chemical reaction, during which the necessary carbon dioxide is produced. And the resulting foaming gently cleanses the skin surface, increases its permeability and facilitates the penetration of CO2 into the tissues.
  • Ultrasound therapy is referred to as non-invasive physiotherapeutic methods of influence. The effectiveness is based on the natural properties of sound waves that are not captured by human hearing (over 20,000 hertz). Elastic mechanical vibrations of the medium and its particles freely spread in soft tissues and affect their structures in a complex manner. The result of the impact will be: improvement of the skin of the face and body, elimination of minor aesthetic defects, rejuvenation and tightening of the skin.
  • Diamond microdermabrasion combines delicate peeling and diamond resurfacing to make the skin firm, smooth and radiant.

Equipment Safety

Any of treatments performed with the help of the multifunctional machine is absolutely safe. Thanks to carefully thought-out and well-executed handpieces and tips, the skin is not injured, there is no risk of infection or inflammation. For sensitive skin, the selection of gentle techniques and low intensity is possible. The functionality of the device allows you to select an individual program of professional care or treatment, depending on the condition of the skin and the wishes of the client.

Skin care machine Autobiography 10 in 1 is manufactured to European quality standards. The multifunctional system is an uncompromising choice between quality-praice of the equipment to give practitioners exeptional tools.


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