Professional ipl machine IP-100 Light Pro

Photosystem IP-100 Light Pro – a multifunctional device for exclusive cosmetology

Alvi Prague presents a new multifunctional photo system IP-100 Light Pro. This is a new generation device that replaces a whole range of cosmetology equipment. The innovative photoepilator not only removes excess hair, but also allows for photorejuvenation of the skin. With the help of the equipment, small and deep wrinkles are smoothed out, age spots and vascular formations are eliminated, acne and other skin imperfections are treated. Our clients can buy a professional photoerillator IP-100 Light Pro at the manufacturer’s price and order delivery to any country in the world.

Innovative technologies and unique design solutions.

When we developed the IP-100 Light Pro professional photoepilator, we used innovative technological solutions. One of the differences of the multiplatform from the devices of the previous generation is multifunctional light filters that do not need to be changed during operation, the operator can simply adjust the necessary exposure parameters: energy density and pulse duration.

This solution makes the work of the cosmetologist more convenient and productive, and also allows you to extend the life of the handpieces.



The IP-100 Light Pro comes with two innovative handpieces

The professional photoepilator is equipped with two maniples with different functionality. The first SR handpiece with light emission in the range of 560-950 nm and a light spot of 10×40 will allow treatment of hard-to-reach areas on the body and face. The SR handpiece has two exposure modes:

  • IPL (Intensive Pulse Light);
  • E-light.

By choosing the IPL mode on a professional photoepilator, the cosmetologist will be able to conduct sessions to remove age spots. The principle of operation is based on the ability of light skin areas to reflect the light radiation generated by the IP-100 Light Pro device more strongly. Thus, dark areas absorb light, and under the influence of light energy, melanin is destroyed. As a result of exposure, age spots are removed. Even seasonal freckles will no longer appear after treatment with the IP-100 Light Pro photoepilator. Removal of spider veins and meshes is performed by lightening the damaged vessels.

E-light technology is based on the combined effect of light energy and electric current. In this case, when treating the area of the skin, light is absorbed, which contributes to the heating of the hair or pigment spot, then the electrical effect ensures the destruction of melanin. With the help of the E-light handpiece, photoepilation and removal of skin pigmentation are carried out.

It is also worth noting the antibacterial effect, which manifests itself during procedures on the IP-100 Light Pro photoepilator. The destruction of pathogenic mechanisms and the removal of the inflammatory process provide treatment for acne and other skin rashes.

Thus, having decided to buy an IP-100 Light Pro photoepilator, cosmetologists can offer their clients:

  • effective hair removal;
  • removal of freckles and age spots;
  • wrinkle correction: the photoepilator provides an effect on both deep and fine wrinkles;
  • treatment of acne and other skin problems and imperfections, with the help of a professional photoepilator IP-100 Light Pro, skin irritations are also eliminated, a significant improvement in the condition of a herpes infection is observed.

The professional IP-100 Light Pro device for photoepilation and rejuvenation replaces a whole set of equipment. Cosmetologists can offer their clients all the required procedures and guarantee the effectiveness of the result.

High level of operator comfort

When developing the IP-100 Light Pro photoepilator, Alvi Prague experts also took care of the operator’s comfort. The professional device is equipped with a monitor with a diagonal of 10.4, which displays all the parameters of the procedure.

Also worth highlighting:

  • built-in protocols for photoepilation and other procedures, which is convenient for cosmetologists who are just starting to master all the possibilities of a professional photoepilator;
  • lightweight handpieces with an ergonomic design;
  • smart control system.

Having decided to buy the IP-100 Light Pro professional hair removal machine, you get equipment that is not only efficient, but also a high level of ease of use.

Application safety and built-in protection systems

The innovative IPL system IP-100 Light Pro has passed all the necessary clinical trials, fully complies with the EU safety criteria, and has the necessary certificates.

The innovative professional device for photo hair removal is equipped with a system for protecting the tips of the handpieces from overheating. This feature eliminates the risk of burns and damage to the skin during photoepilation or treatment and rejuvenation sessions.

It is also worth highlighting the following points:

  • built-in surge protection;
  • reliable electronics;
  • durable case.

The IP-100 Light Pro photoepilator package includes goggles for the patient and the cosmetologist, which protect the eyes during procedures.

What are the benefits of purchasing the IP-100 Light Pro?

Buying an IP-100 Light Pro photoepilator is a thoughtful decision. You will be able to perform procedures that are most in demand among patients of beauty clinics: hair removal, RF-lifting, pigmentation removal, acne treatment, wrinkle correction. The main advantages of the photoepilator are:

  • Efficiency proven by numerous tests. Alvi Prague professional equipment is chosen by leading cosmetology clinics in the European Union and beyond.
  • The effectiveness of procedures on the IP-100 Light Pro photoepilator is higher than when using competitors’ analogues.
  • The resource of the xenon lamp is 1,000,000 flashes. You will be able to carry out photoepilation and other procedures throughout the year, and you will not need to change the lamp.
  • Ease of use: ergonomic and smart design, large screen, built-in photoepilation protocols, etc.
  • Stylish and attractive appearance of the IP-100 Light Pro, emphasizing the exclusivity of the provided cosmetic services.
  • Fast payback period for IPL beauty machines.


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