Olympus Endoscopy Video System

The Olympus Endoscopy Video System is designed to be a reliable, easy operation system for every type of endoscopy user. A compact and lightweight endoscopy cart enables users to place the cart in almost any location. With high resolution equipment and HDTV compatible monitor, The Olympus Endoscopy System is the kingpin of all endoscopy imaging.



Features and Options Overview:

  • Olympus OEV191 19” LCD ColorMonitor – Full digital HDTV compatible, super high resolution and flicker-free image quality, 19” LCD screen, anti-glare coating, and enhancement function for increased image sharpness


  • Olympus EVIS Exera II CV-180 Image Source System w/ Keyboard Pigtail & RGB Cables– high-resolution HDTV & Narrow Band Imaging capabilities for best image quality, Electronic magnification for enlarging moving images, digital-to-digital recording of both still and moving images, PIP display, and convenient index display for documentation

  • Olympus EVIS Exera II CLV-180 Xenon Light Source w/ Cord – High intensity 300-watt light source, Lamp can be turned on/off without turning off equipment, backlit front panel indictors and controls, and auto adjusts light intensity for ideal illumination of gastrointestinal tract
  • Olympus MU-1 Leak Tester– Complete system for testing flexible endoscope leaks, 120v, 50/60Hz, and 0.2 amps
  • Olympus OEP-3 Color Video Printer– Produces 300 dpi print resolution in only 20 seconds, quick and accurate color reproduction, and low noise level


  • Olympus OFP Endoscopic Flushing Pump– Small/compact, easy operation, easy load pump head, auto cut-off after 20sec. of operation, autoclavable tubing & water container, and adjustable flow rate

·         Accessories: Olympus Endoscopy Cart, Operation Manual, Fiberoptic Cable


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