frequency pulse vacuum therapy machine Drumroll V-03

High frequency pulse vacuum therapy machine Drumroll V-03 – advanced technology for aesthetic practitioners all over the world

High frequency pulse vacuum thermomassage is a synergy of innovative technologies for safe and effective aesthetic and physiotherapeutic procedures. Their effectiveness is aimed at cell stimulation of the skin, tissues, lymphatic vessels and other body structures. This professional device offers holistic approach to remodeling the body silhouette and rejuvenating the skin.

Absolutely unique combination of treatments, when all techniques work simultaneously to remodel the body in three directions:

  • Intensive vacuum massage;
  • High frequency pulse exposure;
  • Infrared heating of tissues.



The cumulative effect of the three revolutionary techniques greatly simplifies the treatments and improves their quality. The biological response and a positive result of therapy is achieved in a minimally short period without any effort for the practitioner and the client.

Intensive vacuum massage on the Drumroll

The V-03 provides deep tissue massage at the cellular level. Drumroll V-03 uses natural technologies to target localized fat stored in the adipocytes to achieve a slimmer, more toned figure.

High frequency pulsed exposure on the Drumroll

Pulsating massage is used to stimulate blood supply to tissues, lymph flow, nutrition, oxygenation and destruction of fat cells. The machine is specifically designed to provide intense pulsation, with alternating peaks of relaxation and pressure, the impact of which is adequate to natural cellular activity.

Infrared heating of tissues on the Drumroll

Painless thermomassage is used to stimulate interstitial processes and physico-chemical reactions. For this, the equipment creates radiant energy that irritates the skin receptors, levels muscle tension, improves blood circulation, and activates the processes of metabolism and neuroregulation.

The Drumroll is the ideal choice for aesthetic and medical practitioners that demand high performance, reliability and results.  Innovative equipment does not require consumables, provides effective procedures and brings success to its owner.



Key features of the high frequency pulse vacuum therapy machine Drumroll V-03

The pulsed vacuum massage device is a high-tech platform with an intelligent control system that allows you to implement three types of exposure in one procedure. The machine is equipped with a powerful compressor and three working handles (small, medium, big diameter) for processing different areas. Due to the advanced technology of the electric valve, the working handle is capable of performing up to 15 suctions per second! An infrared heating element is located around its circumference, providing thermal stimulation of tissues in the range of 33-50 ºС.

The pulsed vacuum massage device has a friendly interface, with which you can change the strength of the vacuum in the range of 15-62 cm Hg., the temperature of treatment and other treatment parameters adjusting them to the individual characteristics and problems of each client.

Operation of the machine does not require any consumables. Treatments can be performed without the use of massage oils and gels. At the same time, good glide on the skin is provided due to the material of the nozzle with unique technical and tactile characteristics. The absence of the need to purchase consumables reduces the cost of treatment and reduces the time of a single session of vacuum thermomassage.

The working principle of the high frequency pulse vacuum therapy machine Drumroll V-03

The effect of vacuum massage is based on the regular physical property of all fluids and biological tissues – to come from the region of higher air pressure to the region of lower pressure. The lower the pressure, the more liquids inflow, thereby acting on deeply located tissues and stimulating their functions at the cellular level.

Unlike previous models of equipment, the Drumroll vacuum thermal massage apparatus not only creates a skin fold, working out the problem area mechanically with a vacuum, but also acts on the fat cells of the skin fold with pulses, forcing them to compress and expand. Pulse exposure to vacuum demonstrates higher efficiency compared to traditional vacuum therapy, which leads to the inevitable destruction of fat cells and stimulates the excretion of the products of their decay.

Simultaneously with vacuum massage, deep tissue heating is provided by thermal massage. Vacuum and thermal effects enhance each other’s effectiveness, allowing you to achieve more pronounced results – significant weight loss, body shaping, cellulite reduction, etc.

Treatment efficiency

High impact efficiency is based on the natural properties of two types of energy – vacuum and infrared light. Their use allows you to get the biological response of the skin and tissues during the first treatment session. At the same time, a wide range of positive effects is observed.

  • Dissolution, fractionation and active circulation of fats
  • Activation of fibroblasts for the synthesis of collagen and elastin
  • Acceleration of blood and lymph flow
  • Metabolic processes and neuroregulation enhancement
  • Elimination of edema, congestion and tissue hypoxia
  • Acceleration of the process of skin regeneration
  • Increased ATP production (at local level)
  • Acceleration of transdermal elimination of toxins and metabolites
  • Activation of T-lymphocyte synthesis and enhancement of local skin immunity

Vacuum thermomassage gives visible result with a prolonged effect – over time, the running processes increase and the general condition of the tissues improves every day. The desired shape is gradually formed, the skin acquires elasticity, a healthy color, smoothes and looks younger.

Indications to vacuum thermomassage

  • Skin laxity
  • Dull, grey skin complexity with signs of stress
  • Scars, stretch marks, skin folds
  • Edema
  • Local deposits of subcutaneous fat
  • Cellulite
  • Overweight, lower body contouring
  • Muscle pain, cramping, fossilized muscles
  • Earlier injuries, lesions, and soft tissue diseases
  • Lymph congestion and chronic venous insufficiency

Advantages of the new high frequency pulse vacuum therapy machine Drumroll V-03

Innovative equipment has no analogues in Europe! You will appreciate its technical characteristics and capabilities.

  • Scientifically based method effectiveness.
  • Multipurpose use of the device.
  • Great variability of treatment parameters – heating in the range of 33-50 ºС, vacuum power 15-62 cm Hg, etc.
  • Unique handpiece material that allows you to run treatments without using special oils or gels
  • Intelligent user friendly touch screen

To buy the high frequency pulse vacuum therapy machine Drumroll V-03 means to become the owner of super-powerful, efficient equipment, the use of which leaves no chance for fat, cellulite, wrinkles, texture issues and other aesthetic skin concerns.

Specially designed for Professional, Effective Treatments.


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