Conveyor table with belt. Belt and Roller conveyor

  • Designed for fish processing. Comfortable ergonomic tables;
  • Can be integrated into various processing lines for fish processing.
  • Designed for 4-10 employees
  • Separate drive to tapes. With frequency converters on each tape.
  • Materials meet the standards for the food industry, all surfaces are easily sanitized.
  • Water: up to 15 l / min, internal pipe size 25
  • The water supply is regulated manually by the worker. The handle of inclusion is near at hand. 2 modes – a jet with a diameter of 15 mm or an annular diameter of 50 mm


Characteristics of Conveyor table with Roller belt

Item name Power characteristics Overall dimensions, mm Weight, kg
2-story conveyor for 10 employees 380/1,3 5200*1300*1300 850
2-story conveyor for 8 employees 380/1,2 4300*1300*1300 650
2-story conveyor for 6 employees 380/1,1 3600*1300*1300 430
2-story conveyor for 4 employees 380/0,75 2400*1300*1300 290


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